April 26, 2015

Boxerfest 2015

2014 was the first year of a Suburu-only car meet, Boxerfest. Bao and I attended this years event after having such a great time last year. I distinctly remember driving in last year with several Suburus, we basically took over a leg of the highway. Although a few years ago I was interested solely in muscle cars, there's something about a growing shared interest of someone you love. After meeting Bao and seeing how much he loved his STI, I grew more and more fond of Suburus and the great community around them. Perhaps in a few years I will purchase my own Suburu, preferably a Forester ;)

The weather was significantly colder this year, with gray clouds covering the sun and blistery winds. We started off the morning with a hearty breakfast at Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, to fuel us through an exciting day.

Busboys and Poets
5331 Baltimore Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20781
The atmosphere in Busboy's is well-embellished with varied mosaics and a small library of books. We were seated on a long wooden table, and ordered hot coffees, fresh squeezed orange juice and various breakfast dishes.
It's not unusual for me to look over the menu before trying a new place (it helps me get excited about going there to eat as well), and I wanted to choose something I couldn't make so easily at home. I chose the french toast, as I was curious to see how Busboy's would try this classic.
The toast was made on thicker cut slices of sweet bread, with a light dusting of powdered sugar. I like the fact that the toast wasn't soggy with too much egg like the typical french toast, but more spongey with a buttery crust.
Bao went for a more classic eggs, hash, ham and wheat toast. The menus had a little information about how all their eggs were organic and cage-free. Although only available in scrambled for brunch, they were tasty!
After our big breakfast, we made our way to FedEx Field for Boxerfest.

FedEx Field
1600 Fedex Way
Hyattsville, MD 20785

As we drove into the roundabout parking lots around FedEx Field, it was easy to find the lot that Boxerfest was being held. There were hundreds of Suburus parked in rows - definitely a beautiful sight.

When you walk through the main tent, there are a ton of Suburu exclusive (and non) companies setting up tents to showcase their products, usually at a discounted price. There's also a huge track to take your car for a spin, but the list was full weeks prior to the event! Along with a few lineups of cars on display for the competition (best impreza, best forester, etc.), tents and track, there's plenty to see during the event.
Lisa and I sitting in front of some cars on display, I joked on social media they were ours (but they're definitely not, haha)!
Our group shot, taken by the talented Tho (but with my smaller camera). Check out his website and portfolio at TVN Photography for his legitimate photographs!

The last time I saw this cool chick was at last year's event, and now she's a glowing mama-to-be! Awesome Suburu enthusiast herself and amazing food blogger, check out her page Miemonster Chronicles :)

There was a fun exhaust competition, along with a limbo contest! 
A quick shot of Bao's car before we left :) The event always ended with a huge raffle (prizes ranged from hoodies to exhausts and $500 gift cards!) that was a little cold to stand through (the breeze was getting stronger and a little drizzle started) but it's still incredible how much they give away at this event.

After five to six hours at the event, we were all famished and looked for the closest possible restaurant. Sardi's seemed like a great option, a chain specializing in Peruvian chicken and various sides.

Sardi's Pollo A La Brasa
8811 Hampton Mall Dr
Capitol Heights, MD 20743 
I got half a charbroiled chicken with yuca fries and rice and beans. THIS WAS AMAZING. I can't believe I've never been to Sardi's before this weekend, this huge dish (which could last me two full meals) was only $10!
Bao also got half a charbroiled chicken with rice and beans and plantains. I expected the plantains to be sliced thin and fried as well, but these caramelized versions were sweet and a great compliment to the rest of the savory meal.

All in all, the day was so much fun and we can't wait for next year! Wicked Big Meet in Connecticut is lined up next, America's largest Suburu fest in June :)

Until next time!

Stay hungry,


Miemo said...

So great seeing you there again :D Next year we will have another girl to add to our yearly boxerfest picture!

The Hungry Wolf DC said...

Great seeing you too Miemo! This yearly series is gonna be amazing hahaha :)

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