April 21, 2015

Taco Bamba!

Upon first hearing about Taco Bamba, I was immediately interested. A friend told me it was a small hidden spot in Tysons with rave reviews, so I had to find it! Bao absolutely loves tacos (and got me craving lately too) so we were both excited to try it out. We made our way down route 7 late in the evening for a delicious meal.

Taco Bamba
2190 Pimmet Dr,
Falls Church, VA 22043
I'm not completely familiar with most of Virginia, but the Whole Foods shopping center looked incredibly familiar. Taco Bamba is hidden in a smaller shopping center behind a Subway, and I realized it was literally two doors down from a store my mother owned years ago! The shopping center houses a small bar, a hair salon, MMA center, and an authentic Mexican grocery. 
As soon as you walk inside, you hear the hot grill sizzling with all kinds of delicious proteins and soft corn tortillas. Neatly written menus adorn the right wall and above the register. 
After a quick browse through the choices, we settled on carne asada, carnitas, chorizo, al pastor, tripa and taco bamba.
Close up of the tripa (beef intestine) that was cooked to a delicious crisp! Bao enjoyed this one too. All the meat was flavorful, but my favorite was a tie between the tripa and carnitas. The carne asada was surprisingly not as soft as I was expecting (tasted slightly burnt) but the juicy pineapple pieces added a nice sweetness to balance it out.
Three tacos were deliciously filling and there was a nice selection of sauces to top our choices. I loved the corn tortillas and was happy they doubled per taco. The filling wasn't overflowing, which is appreciated when you're already eating a messy meal.

Just found out Taco Bamba is owned by same chef Victor Albisu of Del Campo in DC! Learn more about Albisu and the main chef for Taco Bamba, Carlos Gonzalez here. We will definitely be back, I would recommend this place to everyone that likes authentic tacos :)

Until next time!

Stay Hungry,

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