February 18, 2015

Snowday; Spicy Jalapeno Burger with Fried Egg

Winter days indoors are meant to be cozy, warm, and downright lazy. Compared to the blistering winds, staying within your toasty doors seems quite appealing. The entire DC, Maryland and Virginia area was hit with a good amount of snow last night - not nearly as much as predicted, but my little Nissan Versa wasn't able to brave the roads for long. Prepared for a nice day indoors, I brainstormed on a simple and comforting dish. Not quite in the mood for a stew that would normally be expected in this kind of weather, my boyfriend and I opted for a juicy homemade burger with a delicious runny egg (previously mentioned in my Avocado Egg Toast post!).

Early in the morning, Bao and I took his car (a Suburu, much better suited for this weather than my car) and made our way to the local supermarket down the street. This was the first time I'd ever made burgers from scratch, so I looked for a simple recipe. We improvised for the most part, but here are the basic ingredients we included (from grocery fresh veggies and what ever we had in the pantry):

Spicy Jalapeno Burgers with Fried Egg (serves 4)

- 1lb Ground Beef: 92% lean, 8% fat
- Red Onion (1 medium)
- Jalapenos (2 medium)
- Minced garlic (as much as you like, we love garlic!)
- Eggs (4 large to top burgers, 1 large to mix into patties)
- Avocado (1 medium)
- Butter lettuce
- Salt/Pepper
- Basil
- Dijon mustard
- Worchestershire sauce
- Avocado Oil
- Kaiser rolls (4)
- Pepperjack cheese

Start by chopping a quarter of your red onion, one jalapeno, and garlic into small bite size pieces. Add the chopped veggies with your beef, and the standard spices/herbs to taste: salt, pepper, dried basil, Worchestershire sauce and dijon mustard. Finally, add one large egg and mix. Form four thick patties and prepare your pan with avocado oil (great for high heat!)
I wanted a thicker cut burger so we made each patty fairly round, to press down slightly once on the grill.

A little crowded, but we fit all four onto the pan!
Once your patties are done (about 4 minutes high heat each side, only flip once and lower heat to cook inside), top with your cheese of choice and start making your eggs.
Top your warm patties with an egg each and while your kaiser rolls toast, add your desired veggies.
And voila! Delicious and easy burgers that were made, photographed (hehe) and eaten within an hour :)

I hope these photos inspire you to try this at home! Bao and I enjoyed these burgers so much (and they were incredibly easy to make) we plan on making another variation soon.

Until next time!

Stay hungry,

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