February 3, 2015

DC Outing: Astro Donuts and La Colombe Coffee

With the hustle and bustle of our every day hectic schedules, I realized it had been far too long since I spent some quality time with my mom. Perfect solution: decadent donuts, flaky pastries and hot coffee!

Driving through DC sans bumper to bumper traffic is incredibly peaceful... and gives you an opportunity to see how beautiful the city really is. We made our way out early in the morning and arrived promptly at our first stop:

Astro Donuts
1305 G Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20004

I've been having an odd craving for donuts, and this place looked like the perfect spot to satiate my sweet tooth. I wasn't just looking for any donut though, I wanted one that had the perfect texture (a bit chewy and soft, yet has a little weight to it). Astro Donuts has rave reviews all over Yelp for their indulgent donuts and savory fried chicken. The perfect balance of sweet and salty, how could you go wrong?


Being my first time here, I was expecting a larger bakery-type layout but this location was just a storefront for pickup. Easy hint should've been when my mom and I noticed a couple was sitting outside - in this blistering cold - while munching on their doughy goodness. Regardless, we walked in excited to try these raved-about donuts!

We skipped the fried chicken and opted straight for the sweets: Nutella, Lemon Berry, Maple Bacon, Vanilla, Caramel Macchiato, and Creme Brulee. My plan had been to pick up a few donuts to share with the family later while my mom and I sat over some coffee to catch up. However, she was starving by the time we got to the car and informed me she'd be devouring one right away!

Her review: AMAZING. She was in sticker shock at the price of each donut (around $3 each) but admit they were noticeably different. The perfect texture I had mentioned earlier was seemingly achieved! My recommendation, eat them right away instead of waiting a few hours like I did. As my mom's hunger (I explained to her the definition of "hangry") was satisfied, we made our way to our next destination:

La Colombe
Blagden Alley, 924 N Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001

I have a confession: I love coffee. As many of you have grown an affinity to coffee after starting an office job, mine became prominent during those late nights studying in college to getting that morning jolt of productivity at work.

I wanted to find a nice environment for my mom and I to sit comfortably and talk, and La Colombe was the perfect spot. The location is slightly hidden in the middle of a small neighborhood, and as we walked along the brick wall alleyways we noticed some beautiful mosaics of all kinds of dogs. Refreshing informal "entryway" to this coffeeshop!


As you walk in, you hear the familiar bustle of people conversing and the skilled barista foaming milk. The wall on your left is a large glass/garage door lined with small, intimate tables for two, on the right is the beautiful brick and huge marble counter top where your order is placed.

We ordered a buttery croissant and apple danish to munch on (pulled from a local bakery), a latte with hemp milk for me, and a dark roast coffee for my mom. Initially all the seats were taken but within minutes a kind stranger motioned for us to take her place as she was leaving.

Our drinks and pastries were ready right away and placed on the most beautiful hand-painted cups and saucers. I took a sip of my latte and boy, was it delicious. The coffee had a slight fine grainy texture to it - could have been the hemp milk - but it was most definitely one of my favorite lattes to date. Our pastries were perfectly buttery and flakey (they will toast your pastries if you ask) and the atmosphere was wonderful for talking.


After our delicious breakfast we went window shopping, took some photos, then made our way to our final location.

2001 International Dr, 1856 G
Mclean, VA 22102

Dark Roast
Although we had had coffee a few hours prior, my mom insisted she take me to her favorite french patisserie that she had business meetings in. Located in the luxurious Tysons Galleria in Tysons, Virgina, this small shop was beautifully decorated inside with beautiful hammer-detail chairs and soft lighting.

PAUL Pastries


We sat inside with our dark roasts and quiche for lunch. I would recommend coming here as my mom does with business associates or close friends as the atmosphere is calm and inviting. We finally made our way back home after a fun day.

After spending a day with my mom after so long, I realized how busy we became in our own lives and how nice it was to reconnect with her now that I'm a little older. I still feel foolish calling myself a real adult - haha - but instead of the parent/child relationship, we seemed to understand each other better.

Until next time!

Stay hungry,

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Lisa Vu said...

Jimin, you are an amazing writer and your pictures look phenomenal. The picture of your mom is beautiful. I loved how you shared your day with your mom and the details you gave made it seem so real like I was there :) I can't wait to try these places! Keep blogging and I'll keep reading ;)

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