February 12, 2015

Avocado Egg Toast

Breakfast is inarguably the best meal of the day. First thing after you wake up in the morning, breakfast fuels your early hours and sets the precedent for the rest of the day. During the week, however, most of us don't have the luxury of making an elaborate breakfast, so I look forward to the weekends where I can make breakfast slowly. 

With the coffee roasting and the stove hot, the most definitive factor that makes any meal "breakfast" to me is the elegantly simple egg. Eggs on anything - atop a juicy burger, over-easy on rice, poached and perched perfectly under creamy hollandaise - really take any dish to another level.

I often make avocado and egg toast, as it's an easy, no-fail breakfast that you can easily dress up or leave as is and enjoy. I started off with this gorgeous seeded bread (literally packed with pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, black and white sesame seeds) that just add the most amazing texture and depth to what could be a normal boring slice of toast.

While one egg was on the stove (I prepare my sunny-side up on med/low heat) and my hot water was starting to boil, I popped the hearty bread into the toaster. This was my first time attempting to poach an egg, and my first try was semi-successful. Most of the egg stayed in one shape, but I could definitely use more practice! If you'd like to try poaching an egg yourself, I'd recommend this video from Martha Stewart's Kitchen Conundrums; I really enjoy Thomas Joseph's series since each video has clear, concise directions.
As you can see, I overcooked the poached egg a bit. Next time I'm aiming for a runnier yolk!
I simply topped each toast with either a poached egg, sunny side up, or halved avocado. It's so easy to add flavors and dimension to avocado toast since everything is like a blank canvas. Here I put my mandolin to good use for some thinly sliced radish (I love the bright colors and fresh bite from radishes), and freshly cracked black pepper or leftover seeds from the loaf for my avocado.

Hope this gives you all some ideas for making a super simple breakfast. I have to try making a decadent burger with a sunny side up egg or meaty steak and eggs! Yum.

Until next time!

Stay Hungry,

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