June 12, 2015

Boston Road Trip Part I

A few months ago, Bao and I talked about taking a trip up to Connecticut for the biggest Suburu event on the east coast - Wicked Big Meet. He bought group tickets back in February and decided to make the drive a road trip, our first one together!

The plan was to get up bright and early Saturday morning, drive up to New York to see a dear friend, Connecticut for the meet, then spend two days in Boston. Unfortunately, I switched up the dates for New York (silly mistake, sigh) and ended up taking our drive up to Philly instead. Even though I was bummed to miss a fun day with our friends, we decided to make the most of the change of plans.
There was a large outdoor art installation, Future Sensations, located at Eakins Oval. This exhibit was only being shown in Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Paris, so it was a great treat to be able to see it so close to home. We walked around most of the exhibits but didn't care to wait in the endless lines. The one exhibit with colorful glass panels to mimic a kaleidoscope, was a slow moving carousel that was fun to walk through. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the installations light up in the evening, but I'm sure everything looked spectacular :)
After cooling off at the small bier garten along the exhibits with some friends, we had a business call to take care of and started to head back to the car. Suddenly, a slow drizzle of rain turned into a heavy downpour (completely soaked in minutes), and we were so drenched we started to laugh at our unfortunate predicament. Luckily we had enough towels to keep us semi-dry while we drove to Bao's parents house. 

After a fun night hugging (or wrestling, same thing) with Rocky, we made our way to Connecticut. The event started at 10am, but we decided to take our time in the morning to arrive by noon. 
. . .

I think Bao and I share the same enthusiasm (even though I'm hardly as much a car fan as he is) whenever we drive up to these events because there's a huge dirt/gravel lot filled with beautiful cars. We walked up to the metal gates to pick up our goodie bags, then walked around to scope out the cars on display and the tents with Bao's favorite companies.
Similar to boxerfest, there's a huge raffle towards the end of the event with ridiculous prizes - $500 gift cards, costly parts, etc. - that everyone gathers around for. Although we didn't win anything, we both got pretty sun burnt haha!
I took far too many photos, here are a few of my favorites :) 

The event came to a close and we slowly made our way up to Boston for the final leg of our trip. At a leisurely 1.5 hour drive, we arrived at our room in Back Bay. Bao found the room through airbnb, and the location was absolutely perfect. Literally nestled between Pour House bar and Whiskey's, we were steps away from Newbury Street. 
The room was clean, and the host was so friendly, I'd recommend her + her place to anyone! After hours of standing out in the sun, we decided against sleeping right away to get outside and explore. Knowing how much I love pizza, we arrived at our first destination.

Dirty Water Dough Co.
222 Newbury St,
Boston, MA 02116
As we walked along the sidewalks, Bao took note of something I wasn't even aware of until he pointed it out - Boston sidewalks are wide, and the shops staggering from underground to ground level saved so much retail space while adding curb appeal. Boston's architecture is so beautiful.
We ordered a half and half of Abe Froman (shredded moz, romano cheese, sweet italian sausage, crumbled gorgonzola, broccoli rabe on garlic oil base) and Mediterranean (house blend moz, romano cheese, baby spinach, tomato, kalamata olives, feta on garlic oil base), along with a glass of Upper Cut Sauvignon and Dirty Dough's very own IPA! I was impressed with their signature own brew, and Bao said he thoroughly enjoyed it. 
The first bite scalded the top of my mouth (what sensible person patiently waits to dive into a delicious pie?) but it was well worth it. The Mediterranean was most definitely my favorite, since I love a light tomato base. The Froman was made with a pesto base instead with a hint of wasabi/horseradish that was unique.
After a delicious meal, we walked back for some well needed rest. 
More of our Boston adventure to be continued in the next post!

Stay Hungry,

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