June 23, 2015

Boston Road Trip Part III

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We made our way out to the much recommended Quincy Market. With a huge open cobblestone outdoor area surrounded by small and large shops, restaurants, and an expansive food court, I could see how this was not only a tourist attraction but a great place to relax on the weekends for locals.
This building was filled with countless eateries with buttery lobster rolls, creamy clam chowder, pizza, and desserts!
Of course I got pizza again... no surprise there :P I got the Margherita pizza from Regina Pizzeria, with a toasty crust and generous helping of cherry tomatoes. The weather was absolutely beautiful, so we sat outside to enjoy the light breeze. After a light meal we went to check out the shops!
I got a few basic pieces from Uniqlo, and then we stopped into Newbury Comics for a little fun. Look at these awesome bear mitts!  
There was a great little coffee shop across the street called Flat Black Coffee where we stopped for some caffeine. We ordered a delicious flat white, modeled by my handsome boyfriend... :)

Although we had a huge list of recommended places to eat at in Boston, we relied on Yelp a good amount for quick bites. It seems like Bostonians take their food seriously, there were hundreds (and thousands) of reviews for many restaurants on Yelp! Many seafood/Italian restaurants were booked into the evening or didn't take reservations, so we passed on our search. We ended up on Harvard's campus with ice cream in hand :)
After a nice day of sight seeing and eating, we met up with a good friend of mine (friends since middle school) for some drinks. I left the big camera at home to enjoy some quality time, and ended up at Corner Tavern and Yard House. Yard House had an extensive selection of beers, perfect for Bao and our friends. [Side note: just looked up Yard House and realized it's a chain, definitely will be checking this place out near home!]

Catching up was one of the best parts of the trip :) We headed home for another restful night since we'd be heading back home in the morning. It was great not to be woken up by an alarm again, then packed up the car to grab a quick breakfast before our drive. 
The view from our parking garage - so beautiful.
. . .

Recommended by a wonderfully talented coworker of mine, we headed towards Flour Bakery. Although we didn't get a chance to try some other restaurants per her recommendation, we were definitely not disappointed with Flour. Be sure to check out her food blog Honeycomb, but I must warn you her amazing recipes, writing prose and photos will leave your super hungry!

Flour Bakery + Cafe
1595 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118

I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to try this place. I'm the type that looks up every restaurant before I go and chooses my dish hours before I get there. I'm fairly indecisive (and incredibly excited about food) so choosing my dish early is my practical work-around! Too bad all the choices had me second-guessing... 
The cafe was bustling with people assembling perfect confections and sandwiches on the Tuesday morning. Neatly written on chalkboards were tons of sandwiches that ALL sounded amazing. I started off wanting the lamb sandwich, then roasted chicken, then portabello, on and on. Every time I read the next item on the menu, I changed my mind.
Desserts galore were displayed behind glass all across the counter, from "Mile-High Lemon Meringue Pie" to chocolate drizzled cheesecakes. It looked like the bakery's motto, "Make life sweeter... eat dessert first!" inspired Bao, because he ordered a Boston cream pie before we ordered our sandwiches! Perfectly proportioned cake and cream was drizzled in a decadent chocolate ganache - this. was. incredible. 
Our food came out shortly afterwards, and even these savory sandwiches were SO. GOOD. Bao got a breakfast egg sandwich (bacon, cheddar, arugula, tomato and dijonaise), and I got the roasted lamb (with tomato chutney and goat cheese).
Upon first bite, I was absolutely in love. I normally love lamb dishes, but I've never come across lamb that wasn't greasy and heavy. This sandwich had the PERFECT balance of lamb, slightly chilled and perfectly tender, a bed of mixed greens, an herb goat cheese spread, and tomato chutney. The berries in the chutney added a sweet bite, balanced by the lamb and goat cheese. All of these amazing ingredients were nestled between the softest slices of homemade bread. Even the bottom of the dough had the slightest sweetness - I was floored. 
I can't rave enough about this sandwich and I'm still dreaming about it now. I'm so glad my coworker told me about Flour, now I'm just sad I can't enjoy it at home :(

Our final stop before leaving Boston was a cafe we found online, apparently featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Although the sandwiches looked appealing, I was there for one thing - their chocolate chip cookies. 

59 E Springfield St
Boston, MA 02118
It was a quick stop to pick up this sweet treat for the road, and the small interior was busy busy busy. Although we only picked up cookies, the owner was friendly and it looked like the staff was putting together some delicious looking sandwiches. Must try next time I'm in town :)

The cookies were a nice chocolatey treat on the road, and we made it back home by evening. I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling vacation and first road trip together, I can't wait to do it again.

Until Next time!

Stay Hungry,

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