March 23, 2015

New &Pizza Location!

When I think of my favorite dishes of all time, pizza always comes to mind. My mom and I love any kinds of pasta, freshly baked bread, cheese (and everything of the like) so we were excited to hear a new pizza place was opening down the street. After a busy morning of running errands, we excitedly made our way to &Pizza for a hearty lunch.

19823 Century Blvd
Germantown, MD 20874
When my family and I first walked into the restaurant, we noticed a long marble table down the center of the space and a line along the wall to match. There weren't any signs that we noticed at first, so we were a little confused on pricing and how to order. Following the end of the line of customers, we noticed the long station of various toppings and figured the customizable setup.
My mom and I decided to split a pizza since they looked fairly large, and she literally wanted every single topping (Give me one of everything! Yes... yes everything." haha). The options are quite vast, ranging from different kinds of vegetables, proteins, finishes and oils. Take a look at the menu here! The dough is already set out on small black trays (to bake on) and like an assembly line, three people behind a glass put on your desired toppings.
**Disclaimer: Whenever I try a new place, I usually bring my nicer camera (well known fact, a DSLR is significantly larger than a point and shoot) so I always make sure to ask the owner/manager of the establishment if it's alright to take photos. The manager was incredibly friendly and gave me the green light to post on my blog.**

Of all the toppings we had, the ones I enjoyed most were: artichoke hearts, caramelized onions, the local mushroom blend (roasted) spinach, meatballs, salami, smoked bacon, basil, arugula, cherry tomatoes, crumbled goat and feta cheese, all topped with an egg. I loved the egg option on top since you don't see that everywhere. That wasn't even half the toppings! Normally I go for various cheeses and mushrooms, but this pizza was wonderful in it's overloaded glory.
I'm not completely sure what my brother ended up getting but his pizza was significantly smaller than ours (in terms of the ingredient-stack). The dough was on the thinner side, reminding me of a more authentic crust than most pie restaurants and was perfectly baked to a light crisp. Normally I prefer a thicker crust for the bite, but this crust wasn't hollow like I might've expected. My mom couldn't stop raving about how delicious everything was, in addition to the great $9 price for a completely customizable pizza.

Once we started to clean up, the manager made some rounds to ask each customer how their meal experience was, and even brought out a dessert pie for my family! &Pizza's dessert pie had white chocolate sauce, four berry blend, sweet ricotta, powdered sugar and agave syrup. On the same lightly crisped dough, this was a great end to our meal.
I'd definitely recommend stopping by here for a larger portioned lunch (less than $12 for a pizza and drink)! I hear a lot of locations popping up around the area so hopefully you get a chance to try any of the locations scattered throughout DC and Maryland.

Until next time!

Stay Hungry,

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Miemo said...

sounds yummy! There is one that opened near us, i wasn't interested before, but now I am.

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