March 5, 2015

Friend's Quarter Century and PlayStation Cake!

It's incredible how quickly February flew by, can anyone believe it's already March? A month full of birthdays and wedding/birthday cakes, I'm sure this one will go just as quickly. Hopefully the blizzard today let many of you rest and enjoy a warm day indoors.

Last night, Bao and I met up with our good friends Hoang and Lisa to celebrate Hoang's quarter century birthday. It was so nice to meet up with hilarious company, I completely forgot to take photos of our food! Although the food was great, nothing beats quality time with people you care about.

Lisa planned a wonderful surprise dinner for her boyfriend, complete with a custom cake order and Hoang's favorite cupcakes! Knowing how much Hoang and Bao love their Playstation game, Destiny, we brainstormed on the game theme and came up with a "Hunter" symbol cake. 

As for the Tres Leches cupcakes, the cake was a classic french vanilla, injected with tres leches (coconut milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk) and a dollop of dulce de leche caramel, topped with cream cheese frosting and another drizzle of dulce de leche! Needless to say, these cupcakes were fairly weighted and rightly so ;)

With sweets in tow, we all met up at the restaurant on the rainy evening.

Sweetwater Tavern
3066 Gateway Plaza
Falls Church, VA 22042

We were promptly seated at the restaurant, and we looked forward to the delicious beignet-style starters that come to each table. Perfectly doughy, these are the best start to a meal. We had a decadent and delicious meal of "Drunken Ribeye", lobster bisque, jambalaya, filet mignon and baby back ribs (thank you Lisa!!!). After a perfect meal, we prepped for dessert.
The best part of all the time and effort put into a cake is definitely seeing how much it means to the recipient. Cakes are definitely a labor of love! As Hoang's first custom cake ever, I was so happy to see how much it meant to him. Lisa is the sweetest girlfriend for organizing the perfect surprise!

Overall, it was a great night of laughs and catching up. I'm lucky to call you guys my friends :) Happy 25th birthday Hoang!

Until next time!

Stay Hungry,

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